Pave Road From Developer To Entrepreneur

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    As a backend engineer, what a big pain to just avoid your product looking that ugly! When releasing a product, how to draw enough attention from your target users? What are the common mistakes and useful tips when you start your business on your own adventure?


    We also suffer that kind of pains deeply! Thus we track and share our thoughts and learning in our blog.



    Congratulation! After years of learning and preparing, you've finally started your own business or your own project. To turn that to be a profitable business, you may definitely run out of time or resource, and most badly out of key experience.


    See what we can help you? If you're good enough, we'll charge you a very very low fee, or even for free.



    Beside maintaining this website, most of the time, we breed or try to breed several interesting mobile apps. They should be either useful or impressive. And we're also super willing to be involved into the discussion of your potential wonderful products.


    Products we have developed or developing are listed in the Portfolio page. Feel free to try and comment.